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Fishing Differently: Religion, Faith and Finance for Social Impact is a facilitated  by OIKOS Institute.

3 Steps to Becoming a Facilitator!

The Oikos Institute for Social Impact is looking for experienced faith leaders to join their team of facilitators to help local congregations begin fishing differently and use Crossing Capital Group’s proprietary tools for community asset mapping and congregational assessment. The initial investment for the training is $395

1. Attend: Participate in a 2-day Facilitator training workshop. Participation is required for Level 1 Facilitator certification and all Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

2. Complete Independent Assignments: Following the introductory facilitator training workshop, you will be given several assignments to complete, followed by one-on-one discussions and evaluations. Successful completion of these assignments and a demonstrated comprehensive understanding of Fishing Differently principles is a required part of your Level 2 Facilitator training.

3. Connect: The final step for full Level 2 certification will be customized for each Facilitator to assure their mastery of the material and their preparation for congregational engagement. Once this Level 2 training is completed, Facilitators will be fully certified and ready to help congregations to begin Fishing Differently.
Membership:  As your ministry impact soars, we will continue to support you with weekly check-ins, a quarterly coaching session, and special invitations to regional events. In addition, you will be provided Fishing Differently books, and discounted consulting analysis tools. All of this is included in your monthly membership fee of $49/month

Start-Up Kit: Upon receiving certification, you are now ready to equip faith leaders for social impact. You will purchase your start-up kit, including books, business cards, a toll- free extension, a client referral, and promotional materials. The total cost for this investment is $500.

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